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Pictures of our Relatives
Litter 2000 Born June 27, 2000 - Mac n' Tsuki babies.  To see them now click here.
Litter 2000A Born December 18, 2000 - Mac n' Sasha babies.  To see them now click here.
Litter 2001A  Born June 8, 2001 - Mac n' Tsuki  babies.  To see them now click here.
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Litter 2001 Born June 2, 2001 - Mac n' Sasha babies.  To see them now click here.
Kadena's Pages
Litter 2002  Born February 14, 2002 - Mac n' Sasha babies.  Little Valentines!!!  To see them now click here.
Yoshiko Tu's Memorial Page
Litter 2002A  Born July 4, 2002 - Mac n' Tsuki babies.  Little Independent Day babies!!!  To see them now click here.
Pet Portraits,
  mugs, T-shirts,
Litter 2003  Born April 2, 2003 - Mac n' Sasha babies.  Well, we were in labor on April Fool's Day :) 
Kita Toys
Litter 2008B   Kadena's first litter.  We tried one last time with Mr Magoo.  If we're pregnant we're due November 8, 2008.  PRAY!!! 
     Ain't gonna' happen.  I give up!  Apparently Kadena is just here to pass out tons of luv, luv, luv. 
Litter 2003A  Born September 26, 2003 - Mac n' Sasha had plans of their own. 
Litter 2004  Born August 18, 2004 - Mac n' Tsuki babies!
Litter 2004A  Born August 17, 2004 - Mac n' Sasha babies!
Litter 2006  Born January 4, 2006 - Mac n' Tsuki Babies!!!  
Litter 2005  Born August 6, 2005 - Mac n' Sasha's Babies!!!
(The Reindeer)
(The Cars)
(The Flowers)
(The Jelly Beans)
(The Cartoon Characters)
("Lord of the Ring")

(Basketball Teams)
(The Fish)
(The Gold Medal Winners)
(Japanese Gods)
Litter 2006A  Born June 23, 2006 - Mac n' Sasha's Babies!!!  
Litter 2006B  Born December 26, 2006 - 
             Mac n' Tsuki Babies!!!  
Litter 2007  Born May 16, 2007!                   
      Mac n' Sasha Babies!!!  
(The Survivors)
(The Constellations)
Litter 2008  Born April 12th, 2008 - Mac n' Sasha Babies!!!  
(Candy Bars)
Grommet's Pages
Check out our Next Generation!
     I may try to breed my special boy, Macky, one last time but Sasha and Kadena are now officially retired.  They'll live out the rest of their lives loungin'   on the futon with lots of love and cookies.  Thank you Sasha, I love you!                                   I love and miss you Tsuki Moon! 
Last Page/Memorial Page.
^ This is the litter Grommet was born into starting our second generation.  We've been so blessed.
Many of these babies lived well into their 14th year.  A couple almost made 15!
Demon/Talon is still going strong, Feb. 4, 2016
We still have Peanut Butter/Saga.  Brother S'more/Thor left us a couple months ago. 
Calla Lily/Calabur "Cal" went to Rainbow's bridge in 2015.  We've been so blessed.